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Quarriers Carers Service
Information and Advice PDF Print E-mail

Helping you access a wide range of information and advice to best meet your needs.

A wide range of information is sought by Carers as everyone’s needs are different. We often get asked about:

      • Financial information and benefit entitlements
      • Information on medical conditions
      • Local services such as taxis, cleaning and gardening services
      • Local support groups
      • Your rights as an unpaid Carer

We do our best to respond personally to your request.  However, where local expert agencies exist, we will signpost you to them for detailed information, specific to your individual circumstances.

We also look at the best way to provide you with information.  If you have a computer at home, we can direct you to relevant websites or email you information.  We can also send you a letter with information or we can meet you face-to-face and talk you through the information you have requested.  We can even set up meetings between you and professionals expert in a particular field e.g. Pension Service, to review your pension entitlements.

Since information was given we’ve been fixed up with an NHS dentist —very satisfied—thank you.” Mrs More, Burghead

It never occurred to me that I was a Carer and might be entitled to benefits until the Advice and Information service at Quarriers highlighted the fact.  As a result my son now receives Disability Living Allowance and I get Carers’ Allowance.” Mrs C, Burghead



Find out how electronic equipment, otherwise known as TELECARE, can keep your cared for that little bit safer and you less worried about something happening to them.  This CASE STUDY lets you see how it works in real life and the INFORMATION SHEET will provide you with the information that oyu need to know to get going


Respite is an essential part of the overall support for unpaid carers and those with care needs, helping to sustain the caring relationship, enabling carers to have a life alongside the caring role, promoting health and wellbeing and preventing crises.
At the moment, MCHSCP directly commissions a number of services that can be used to provide respite support.  With the introduction of Self Directed Support and Personal Budget arrangements a review of this approach to commissioning respite support, the services currently commissioned and the wider market is required.  By identifying what works and what doesn't work you have a chance to help shape the future of respite support for adults in Moray.

You should already have received a paper questionnaire asking for your input (to be returned by the 28th February).  In addition there will be focus groups where you can discuss issues. 


A series of focus groups (as shown below) will also be held to discuss respite services with carers and those who use the services.  Refreshments will be provided so attendance must be confirmed by calling Lisa Stronach on 01343 563887 or at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

19 February       1 - 2.30pm       Green Room, Community Centre, FORRES
21 February       1 - 2.30pm       Circular Room, Community Centre, KEITH
21 February       7 - 9pm             Dining Hall, Community Centre, ELGIN
24 February       1 - 2.30pm       Community Lounge, Community Centre, BUCKIE
28 February       1 - 2.30pm       Dining Hall, Community Centre, ELGIN
3 March              1 - 2.30pm       Community Lounge, Speyside Sports and Community Centre, ABERLOUR 

If you need help with completing the survey contact 01343 563887.